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Welcome to the Grundy County Board of Supervisors

706 G Avenue
Grundy Center, IA 50638
Telephone: 319-824-5813
Fax: 319-824-6098


 Lucas Halverson, District #1
Telephone Number 641-751-8889 (cell)
Email Address:  [email protected]


Heidi Nederhoff, District #2
Telephone Number: 641-869-3918 (home)
Telephone Number: 641-640-0155 (cell)
Email Address: [email protected]

Vic H. Vandehaar, District #3
Telephone Number 319-269-2475 (cell)

Email Address:  [email protected] 


Mark A. Schildroth, District #4
Telephone Number: 319-345-2998 (home)

Email Address:  [email protected] 


Barbara L. Smith, District #5
Telephone Number: 319-824-3703 (home)
Telephone Number: 319-415-7356 (cell)
Fax Number: 319-824-2110
Email Address: [email protected]

Current Year's Resolutions

FY 2021-2022