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Welcome to the Grundy County Auditor's Office

706 G Avenue
Grundy Center, IA 50638
Telephone: 319-824-3122
Fax: 319-824-6098

Rhonda R. Deters, County Auditor
[email protected]

 Rebecca R. Hager, Assistant
Elections, Payroll Administrator
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 Angie Martin, Assistant
Accounts Payable, Elections
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Aimee Winter, Real Estate Manager
Real Estate, Tax Levies
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In 1972, the County Auditor was given an addition title by the legislature - "Commissioner of Elections". In addition to federal, state, and county elections, the Commissioner then assumed the duties of all city, school, and special elections.

The Commissioner of Elections prepares and supervises the printing of ballots, setup and testing of voting machines, as well as ordering all election supplies. The Commissioner conducts election worker training sessions for all precinct election officials, and is responsible for their employment on election day.

As custodian of the election returns and records, the Commissioner certifies the results to the state and to the subdivision involved, and issues certificates of election to the proper persons.

The Commissioner prepares and monitors the processing of all absentee ballots in order to aid voters who will not be at the polls on election day. Click here for an absentee ballot application form. NOTE: Please download a copy and send the completed and signed form to the Grundy County Auditor & Commissioner of Elections, 706 G Ave., Grundy Center, IA 50638-1496.

You may also FAX your request to 319-824-6098. However, if you request an absentee ballot by fax, voters must also mail the original signed request to the auditor. If mailed, the original request must be postmarked by the registration deadline for the election for which the ballot was requested and received by the time the polls close on election day.

Other duties of the Election Commissioner are:

  • Clerk of the County Board of Election Canvassers and Special Precinct Board.
  • Acts as receiving clerk for nomination papers and public measures to be placed on the ballot.


In 1975, the Auditor became the County Registrar of Voters with the implementation of a new statewide voter registration law. This requires the maintenance of current records of residents desiring to vote, and preparing lists of qualified voters for each election.

Click here for a Voter Registration Application Form.