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Grant to Plug Abandoned Wells

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Grant to Plug Abandoned Wells

Abandoned wells are a ground water hazard as well as a safety hazard. Funds are available through a state grant which will pay a portion of your cost per well if you decide to plug the well yourself, but the Sanitarian needs to be present as the designated county agent. If you hire someone to do the work, they must be a current certified well contractor in the state of Iowa (Click here for list of area well contractors).
Steps to plugging your well yourself
  1. Read the informational materials (Click here for this information)
  2. Find the depth of your well by finding well records or tying a weight to tape measure
  3. Calculate and buy (Click here for material list) your materials but keep your receipts
  4. Remove the top 4 feet of concrete, etc. per the material list
  5. Call 319-824-1212 or email [email protected] when you’re ready to do the work
  6. Plug the well
  7. Submit paperwork to get reimbursed