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Welcome to the Grundy County Recorder's Office

Travis Case, County Recorder
706 G Avenue
Grundy Center IA 50638
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Recording Fees

BASIC RECORDING FEES -- Effective July 1, 2011
  Deed* $12.00 for the first page
  Contract* $12.00 for the first page
  Bill of Sale*** $7.00 for the first page
  Mortgage $7.00 for the first page
  Amendment/Modification $7.00 for the first page
  Assignment** $7.00 for the first page
  Release/Satisfaction** $7.00 for the first page
  Additional pages and attachments $5.00 per additional page
  Multiple assignments or releases $7.00 per reference after first
  Combined document $7.00 per transaction after first
  Auditor's transfer fee $5.00 per parcel after first
  * The basic deed & contract recording fee includes $5.00 for Auditor's transfer fee applicable to the first parcel included.  If the deed contains 10 or more parcels, the total Auditor's transfer fee is capped at $50.00.

** For any document, after the first Book & Page or document number listed, each additional reference will require an additional $7.00 fee per entry.

*** This document needs to have a Declaration of Value form.  Click here for form

  Real Estate Revenue Stamp Tax $.80 per $500 or fraction thereof (first $500 exempt)
  Transfer Tax Table on Web  
  We do not provide lien searches for the public.
*Fees for copies made by our office are $.25 per page, if mailed $1.00 for first copy, and $.25 for each additional page.
Certification fee (in addition to applicable copy fees) is $5.00 per document.
Faxed copies are $1.50/page.